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Permission System for Multiple Users and Roles

Roles are defined based on the responsibilities of members' positions, with each role corresponding to different file operation permissions. This framework assigns varying levels of access and operational rights to members according to their role and position.

Real-time Risk Monitoring

The system continuously monitors and provides early warnings for risky behaviours. It tracks abnormal actions such as excessive downloading, deleting, sharing, and modifying files, issuing alerts to administrators to prompt timely risk assessment and mitigation.

Post-incident Accountability and Traceability

Comprehensive security logs record all operational traces, enabling the evaluation, identification, and review of any violations. This system not only aids in holding individuals accountable for their actions but also acts as a deterrent and supervisory mechanism, thereby supporting overall data security.

Granular and Refined Management

Providing a fundamental layer of security for data, this system integrates preview watermarks, file versioning, and multi-level recycle bin features to further protect user data and enhance security measures.

Work smarter with Fileshow
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